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Apathy and Paying Rent - Two bad things are now one good thing.

Brothers! Sisters! Friends! Mild Acquaintances who I speak to only on the internet or when I'm good and drunked up!

I would like to take a moment of your time and direct your attention to:

It is, as you will see, a website.  Not only that, but it is blog, or Blog, or "blog," depending on your opinion of this, our beautiful and ever changing English language.

Not only is this post about a website, but it is also about a book! With the same name as the website!  A book being published by The Loose Teeth Press, in a very short time, 4-6 weeks to be exact.  And, like all Loose Teeth books, you can read a large part of it online for free, because we don't value our products very much.  What?  No!  I mean, because we value art and ideas and culture and things like that. Etcetera etcetera!

So:  Here is the skinny.

The Skinny:
 - The website is going to be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a new chapter of the book for 6 weeks.
 - That's 18 chapters.
 - The book is 36 chapters.
 - (That's half.)
 - We would like very much for you to read our internet offering and then scroll back to the top of the page and click the red ORDER button.
 - If you do that you'll have to give us $12.95, but I promise we'll spend a decent portion of it having fun.

Thank you for listening to a man with a head cold, who may or may not have taken too many drowsy time pills.


Mayor, Teeth Town.
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