loose teeth (munitionsship) wrote,
loose teeth

Happy Birthday, Jerk.

Loose Teeth turns one year old in less than a month.  In that year we've published a novella, a comic anthology, and a comic chapbook, totalling just over 7,000 individual books.  We've done readings up and down the east coast from Halifax Nova Scotia to New York, and we've sold books to people overseas in at least 25 different countries (the love us in South Africa, actually).
To celebrate we thought we'd get tattoos, but then we remembered Mike already has a tooth tattoo, Joey has the A Softer World frame, and Emily has that one that says "BOOK PERV." So instead we're doing two things: One, Mike is having two of his teeth pulled (and hopefully mounted), and two, we're selling a package that includes:
   (1) Lockpick Pornography: Loose Teeth Collection cover (limited to 200 printed; very very sexy.)
   (1) Stevie Might be a Bear, Maybe (pretty much everyones favourite thing)
   (10) Loose Teeth bookplates (2 layer silkscreen in 4 colour combinations. self-adhesive.)
   (4) Stickers (A Softer World full colour sticker, Loose Teeth hot air sticker, two Lockpick Stickers.)
   (2) 1" pins (A Softer World "Being in love is totally punk rock" and one new one.)
All of this in a spiffy little hand made package. 
To buy this in the online store would be over $30 bucks (some of it isnt even for sale, though).  Drive it away for $20.  Actually, for $20 we'll mail it to you.

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